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Here at Deppischfoto we specialise in product photography. With years of experience in photography we have built up a reputation that is well known across the photographic industry. As the years went on we began to find our niche by specialising in product photography. We found this niche when ordered some personalised lanyards and wristbands for the purpose of holding our camera equipment. A lanyard is a photographers best friend as it allows the camera to be easily accessible at all times.

When you are a photographer you have to often be quite expressive in your voice and gestures in order to get the shot correct therefore being able to leave the camera hanging around the neck whilst you do this can save time and therefore money. By having the personalised lanyard it also makes you as a photographer look more professional and to add to that because the camera is always to hand it limits the amount of times you can misplace your camera even for a brief second. You may think you will never loose your camera, but its a very real situation that could happen really easily. In particular at things like weddings and the like when there is a lot of photos to take in a specific time period. Most of us have been part of wedding days where plenty of pictures have been taken. There is lots of commotion trying to get the right people for the appropriate shots. To do this you often could put your camera down whilst you try do this and that can leave a brief moment where you wonder where the camera is. Having the lanyard means this will no more happen as it is hanging around your neck. This is a fantastic way to appear more professional at all times.

It was when we got the personalised lanyards ( ) that we started to specialise in product photography. We ordered our lanyards from a large company that were awesome called Lesar. Lesar have worked with many large orders for multi national companies we knew Lesar are experts in Lanyards and Wristbands so when we approached them we weren’t optimistic they would take an order size of only 5 lanyards and wristbands. However they were more than accommodating. They provide the perfect product. Whilst working with them we got talking about our photography skills. That’s when they asked us to visit there head office and to take some photos of there products for a upcoming marketing campaign. We did this and the feedback was great. Lesar loved the photos of there lanyards as did many that saw the images throughout there marketing campaign. It actually results in Lesar referring lot’s of work to us from there clients asking them who did the photography. That is when we really started to focus on product photography.

The following few months after this we then completed the pictures of wristbands for Lesar. We then bought some of these from Lesar and they have been a great security and marketing feature for us. Marketing wise we have had great brand exposure having all the photographers that work for us wearing these wristbands and from a security aspect they have all being coded with a software that controls who can enter our premises. This has meant we have been able to open more flexible hours. We have found this to be really beneficial for photographers that do weddings and then want to go and write up the pictures and edit them that very day. With the plastic customised wristband it means all they have to do is scan at the door and then they will be allowed into the premises where they can start to work on there PC and edit the pictures.